If you follow the process for developing laid out in my book, Inventing on a Budget Plan and Cashing in on the American Dream, you will be working with group members either entirely on contingency, or on a part-fee/part-contingency basis.Knowing that near to 95% of developments never make it to bring in the "big bucks", we understood that this was … Read More

Well, I hurried back inside to the computer system and went immediately to the government patent workplace to see how to patent the concept. And what did I learn? Its a can of worms. The cost for a non-provisional patent can cost you over 3 thousand dollars. There is a provisional patent which grants you the right to market your item with the "pate… Read More

Any brand-new innovation is the creation of a creator. The innovator should secure his ideas from being misused by acquiring a proper license. An invention patent legal representative concerns use at this point. He clarifies to the developer the requirement of patenting his ideas and helps him throughout the procedure of patenting. Choosing the cor… Read More

Among the first things to do when you have an idea is to write it down. Paperwork is the most crucial action you can make to in securing future rights to your idea. The paperwork requires to be in a tight bound or engineering type note pad. These are like a standard school note pad that pages can not be included. It's also a good idea to get a note… Read More

I actually am worn out composing checks. When I got my first checking account, I remember. Seeing the check numbers going up one by one. My mom's account numbers were well over 10,000.Scenario # 2 - If you have more than $5,000 in unsecured debt that has a rates of interest of over 15%. This situation is ideal for a debt consolidation loan versus a… Read More